What is the difference between silver 925 and stainless steel jewelry

Difference between stainless steel and silver 925
This blog is about the difference between the materials stainless steel and silver 925. Here we show you what you should pay attention to when buying and which material is best for you. Furthermore, we will go into some products from the above-mentioned materials on the website mrcouple.de and clarify the products and their intended use.

Difference between silver 925 and stainless steel

Stainless steel is also known as stainless steel. If there are no production defects and the jewelry is sealed and corrosion-free, so that polishing only for subtleties, for example skin fat films, then it is stainless steel jewelry. The difference to stainless steel is that with silver there are corrosive changes in the surface and these changes cannot be polished away. Some advantages can arise from the use of stainless steel alloys. In addition, the stainless steel can often hardly be distinguished from silver. In addition to the type of alloy, the hardness of the material and the absence of possible allergens are of great importance when choosing the right piece of jewelry. The disadvantage of steel is that it is sensitive to acids. In addition, it is not as easy to clean as silver. The advantage of silver is that it is more valuable and very easy to treat and repair. For example, the surface can be matted. Furthermore, silver is of course more valuable and expensive. The decline in value of silver is also not as high as that of steel.

Steel and silver product from mrcouple.de

An example of this is an earring shape. The letter zirconia earrings are ideal for creating two letters, one per earring. The zirconia heart infinity chain is suitable as a product made from the material silver 925. The length of the chain is 45 centimeters and the colors can be chosen between gold and silver. In addition, any desired name can be attached for the individual arrangement and design.

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