Cleaning Silver Jewelry: 3 Methods That Work

Cleaning Silver Jewelry: 3 Methods That Work
Silver 925 tarnishes over time and loses its elegant appearance. The reason for this is the oxidation with oxygen or other oxidizing agents, which in combination with hydrogen sulfide oxidize to silver sulfide. Unfortunately, this process cannot be avoided. Therefore, it is important to clean your beloved jewelry regularly. We at reveal how to properly clean tarnished silver jewelry.

Polishing with home remedies

Polishing silver only works on shiny jewelry. A commercially available, mild toothpaste is ideal for this. Simply apply to the 925 silver and let it work for a short time. Then wash off and dry with a soft cloth. The same procedure can be used with baking soda. To do this, the baking powder is mixed with water, the piece of jewelery is briefly soaked in it and then washed off. A mixture of baking soda and lemon juice is also suitable for cleaning, but the silver must then be rubbed off with a brush to loosen the discoloration. Special polishing cloths for silver jewelry are available in stores.

Aluminum foil miracle cure

Aluminum foil has proven to be a miracle cure. To do this, put a piece of aluminum foil together with a teaspoon of salt and fill it up with water. Let soak for one to two minutes and then wash off with clean water.
Alternatively, you can wrap the jewelry in aluminum foil and then put it in the dishwasher. After the rinse, the silver looks like new again.

The potato trick

Cleaning silver jewelry with a potato is particularly easy.
To do this, cut it in half and use it to rub the piece off.

When cleaning silver, a fundamental distinction is made between chemical and mechanical processes. Mechanical processes work through a slight abrasion of the material. Chemical processes react with the material. In no case should silver jewelry be cleaned with materials that contain abrasive particles, such as toothpaste with abrasive particles. Order 925 silver now at

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