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Silver is a timeless precious metal. For many, gold jewelry is too ostentatious, which is why silver jewelry enjoys unbroken popularity among young and old. Not only as an investment, but also in the form of various pieces of jewelry such as Silver chains for man and woman this precious metal has always stood the test of time.
Besides, these days is in stuff Silver jewelry creations There is something for every taste.

Silver chains in detail

Jewelry designers never tire of being inspired by life, from simple to playful, from simple to refined in theirs Trinketsthat embody elegance and style, skilfully implemented.

Whether as Gift for partner, Friends, colleagues or family members or as a complement to add the finishing touch to your personal outfit: silver chains have been a popular, high-quality gift as jewelry for yourself and others for many years to express appreciation, appreciation and style awareness.

Affordable quality goods - jewelry for every occasion

Creating a glamorous look with a good feeling of owning something valuable and special. Our silver chains in any kind of design, are comfortable and easy to wear because they lie smoothly on the skin. Each necklace is checked for manufacturing defects and Quality checked, so that our customers can have friends with it for a long time. Appealing packaging is also a must for a chain. This is of course also included.

High quality silver chains at affordable prices

Who on High quality material as well as processing that sets is at Mr Couple well advised. If the surface is not coated with rhodium, that in no way reduces the quality. A dark haze only appears over time and spreads over the Jewelry starts. But with helpful tools (such as a jewelry polishing cloth) and some polishing, shine silver chains and Co. quickly in a new shine.

Regular use of a jewelry polishing cloth prevents unsightly discoloration and deposits. Under no circumstances may silver chains chemical detergents are used because, in the worst case, incorporated extras (such as stones or pearls) could be damaged.

Protection against corrosion

Rhodium plating is an equally good option Protect silver jewelry from corrosion. The manufacturer applies an extremely fine layer of rhodium by electroplating. This means that silver chains and co. Can neither tarnish nor lose their shine later.

This veil mentioned above - which is also known as “tarnishing” - can also be triggered in connection with various cosmetic products or due to skin sweat. That's why it's for silver chains etc., it is important that they are cleaned regularly so that they retain their beauty and shine for a long time. Will the jewelry be in a designated place storage box (like a jewelry box), it is also protected from scratches and other external influences.

Silver chains for women

Silver chains for women testify to timeless beauty, which can be a long-term and, above all, versatile companion for special occasions as well as in everyday life. Regardless of whether an SSilver chain with a pendant is worn or it is adorned with other refinements such as pearls, you are spoiled for choice with the diverse range of Mr. Couple. Whether opulent with gemstones, with geometric elements or in the form of playful flower necklaces: anything is possible with these silver chains.

There is hardly a piece of jewelry that women wear as often as a necklace. It is the undefeated, all-time popular classic among accessories. Any type can wear a silver chain for any occasion. Many women agree: it is precisely the simplicity of the raw material that makes the appeal in the first place, even if it is not embellished with a pendant and, especially with V-necks, conjures up a more beautiful décolleté in order to put yourself in the limelight.

silver-chains-for-womenSilver chains for women

silver chains for Gents

With a piece of silver jewelry, men can also perfectly round off their outfit. Men's chains impress with varied design variants that fit the looks from classic, elegant, trendy to stylish, fashionable and modern.

Men certainly do not limp in carrying fashionable silver chains after. Among other things, they rely on necklaces like those worn by the US Army, or with leather straps, with which the silver elements are combined. Men's silver jewelry is both masculine and stylish and gives its wearer a flair of dignity and is an absolute eye-catcher.

Review on authenticity

Silver jewelry always has that Imprint “925” which indicator is that the silver piece of jewelry has at least 92.5% pure silver content. In some cases there are also brands that have the imprint "Sterling Silver", “Ster” or just “Sterling”.

These markings can usually be found where they are also good for engraving. Furthermore, pure silver jewelry is not magnetic. That means if the silver chains, the ring, earring or bracelet is pulled to a magnet, it contains less than 92.5% of silver content.

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Silver chains FAQ

Sterling silver is the most valuable and noble material in the silver jewelry industry. In contrast to silver plating, where only the surface of an object is coated with the precious metal, with sterling it is the case that the respective product consists of this precious metal through and through. It got its name from the British pound, as this alloy was used in earlier times for the silver pennies (the 'sterlings').

Sterling silver is also known as fine silver and is found most frequently in jewelry production, but it is still used today in cutlery production.

This is a codified alloy that is made up of 925 parts (so 92.5%) the pure silver and 75 parts of other metals (mostly copper), which are then added during silver processing. By adding copper that becomes 925 silver harder. This makes it particularly suitable for jewelry production. Even particularly delicate, small ear studs are hard and stable thanks to this process, so that they will give pleasure for a long time.

A color scheme as it occurs as a whole is referred to as Tinging. It gives a signal-like contrast between light and dark. In heraldry (coloring of the coat of arms), yellow also stands for gold and white for silver tones.