Wear jewelry in the pool or sea in summer

Wear jewelry in the pool or sea in summer
Do you want to look classy even in the sea and not take off your jewelry? This accessory can also upgrade a normal bikini. However, this is not that easy to implement, as wearing jewelry in the pool or the ocean is not necessarily the best idea. So what should be considered?
This is how water affects your jewelry

Whether chlorinated water or salt water, neither has a really good effect on necklaces or anklets. This can lead to irreparable damage, which you will often only notice after a day at the pool or beach.
Therefore, most jewelry should actually not be worn with it, there are exceptions and alternatives despite all of this. Stainless steel can also be attacked here if you're not careful. Mrcouple.de always has something ready for that.

Alternatives on a beach vacation

In spite of all this, you don't have to go without jewelry. There are also necklaces and anklets made of other materials such as leather, which will last for a long time with care. If you don't necessarily submerge in the water, hair accessories and earrings are no longer a problem as they won't come into contact with them anyway.
In addition, some pieces of jewelry from mrcouple.de are very resistant.

Costume jewelry - a possible solution?

Jewelry should neither discolor nor tarnish. Inexpensive fashion jewelry made of stainless steel can actually help. However, this also suffers from salt water and can be damaged as a result.
In the case of gold and silver jewelry, you may also have to clean the jewelry again afterwards. Costume jewelry, on the other hand, is usually only coated on the surface.
However, it can be an advantage to wear cheap jewelry on the beach, as refurbishments are not always worthwhile.


Inevitably, no type of jewelry has to be removed directly when bathing. However, it is recommended. Chlorine and sea water can attack the materials quickly, which is why it makes more sense.

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