Partner bracelets

A ring as a sign of connection is often inappropriate, especially at the beginning of a partnership, after all, you don't want to rush anything. Nevertheless, showing your partner how important he is to you works with a partner bracelet.

Immediately saying the three magic words "I love you" to the other person is difficult, especially at the beginning of the relationship. Many are afraid of putting their partner under pressure and rushing something. High-quality partner bracelets convey the feeling of solidarity with one another without being too intrusive.

Partner bracelets - what's behind them?

Togetherness is most important in a relationship. This is the only way to maintain a happy partnership over several years or a lifetime. Often it is only a matter of the little things that make the difference in the end. Partner bracelets show the connection to each other without the marital covenant being concluded.

Reasons for donating a partner bracelet

Partner bracelets Nobody gives away just like that. If you choose to do this, you automatically choose to give away a gift with great emotional value. A Partner bracelet represents something very personal. It gives emphasis to the feelings and shows how important one's own partner is to one.

Here are a few good reasons for giving a partner bracelet:

  • Customizable gift
  • Individual and unique gift - especially with Engraving
  • Different variants and materials possible
  • Partner bracelets cheap to expensive conceivable
  • Shows the recipient that you are thinking about a nice gift yourself
  • Emphasizes the feelings
  • Expression for "I love you" without rushing anything
  • Special gift, not only materially but also emotionally

Occasions for partner bracelets

The designation Partner bracelets suggests that it is purely a Bracelet for couples acts. But this is not the case, as there are still many wide possibilities for a Partner bracelet To give away. Partner bracelets make a wonderful wedding gift, both for the guests to the couple and as a gift from the bride and groom to each other.

Other occasions for partner bracelets:

  • Christmas: Especially since the first Christmas together should be something special. Partner bracelets are ideal for this.
  • birthday present: As a symbol always by the partner's side, the bracelet makes a good birthday present.
  • Valentine's Day gift: Valentin is the day of lovers. So why not use the day as an occasion for a special and personal gift?
  • Wedding anniversary gift: After a few years of happy marriage, that represents Partner bracelet a renewal of the wedding promise there.
  • For engagement instead of engagement rings: A nice alternative to classic engagement rings. If you don't want to give away a ring, take it instead personalized engagementStraps & Bracelets as a sign of solidarity.
  • Gift for the anniversary or get-to-know day: One of the most significant dates in the relationship. If you want to underpin your love here again, you can fall back on the bracelets of love.
  • Friendship bracelets: Having a best friend by your side is a godsend. They are also suitable as an expression of eternal friendship Straps & Bracelets in a partner look.
  • Mother-daughter or father-son tapes: The connection between parents and children is unique. Therefore you can do this with the help of the Straps & Bracelets still substantiate.
  • Family bracelet: Family is always together too. With the help of special Bracelets for partners family bracelets can be created.
  • Thank you bracelet: Can be created for the invited guests at a wedding, for example. Caution: Do not provide too personal information, otherwise it will disappear in the drawer.
  • Gift for birth or baptism: Personalized bracelets for partners are suitable as a birth or christening gift to always remind parents of the birth of their offspring.
  • Gift for communion, confirmation or confirmation: The bracelets can be decorated with a cross or a dove. Presented by the godparent, a symbol of support for the situation in life.
  • Gift for school enrollment: A special day in children's development. To help you remember that special day with pleasure custom bracelets.

In addition, there are certainly many more reasons or occasions noble partner bracelets To give away. They are always suitable where an extraordinary and emotionally valuable gift is to be given away.

Marriage proposal with partner bracelets

The presentation of Partner bracelets made of silver or gold can of course be combined with a marriage proposal. This is particularly suitable for couples who do not want to receive the classic engagement ring.

Partner bracelets models

The tastes differ especially when it comes to jewelry. Some value noble ones Partner bracelets, others prefer it simple and made of leather. Here is a small example. Everyone the noble Partner bracelets wants to wear, usually reaches for a piece of jewelry that can be combined with many colors and clothing styles. Practically everything can be protruded from plain Partner bracelets in silver or gold, on versions with Engraving in black or rose to extraordinary designs with delicate rose petals or angel wings. The only important thing is your own satisfaction. However, one thing should be noted: Even if the tastes are slightly different, they should Partner bracelets of the two wearers visually match.

Here are some model examples:

Partner bracelets with engraving

Partner bracelets with engraving represent the absolute highlight. They are bought particularly often because these Personalize bracelets and thus represent a unique and, above all, personal gift. plain Partner bracelets are slightly upgraded and high quality Partner bracelets look even more noble with it. Partner bracelets leather can also be engraved very well. In most cases there is a stainless steel plate in the bracelet that can be engraved.

Engraved partner bracelets - who are they for?

If everything revolves around a date that is special for the couple, such as the engagement day or the wedding day, the engravings are ideal. In addition to the respective first name, the date of the wedding can also be engraved on the small plate. Partner bracelets with engraving offer at a glance the opportunity to think back over and over again to the wonderful day that you experienced together and maybe also with friends, relatives and acquaintances.
Engraved partner bracelets are welcome gifts on many occasions such as birthdays, Easter or Christmas. This means engraved Partner bracelets are suitable for everyone who wants to convey an individual message for the recipient. A small personal dedication on the metal plate will definitely make your eyes sparkle.

The corresponding model with the desired engraving should be ordered in good time so that it is available on time. High quality partner bracelets can be put in the limelight if they are placed in a small box with silk or velvet as a lining. The gift is nicely wrapped with a matching bow around it.

Maximum length of the engraving

The length of the engraving depends mainly on the Bracelet. Depending on how big the engraving plate is Partner bracelets fails, the smaller or larger the engraving will be. If a smaller font is chosen, longer engravings are often possible. The maximum length cannot therefore be answered across the board. Rather, it is based on the seller's offer.

So that Partner bracelets do not look too cluttered, emphasis should be placed on a shorter engraving. Long sentences are not suitable for Partner bracelets. The following applies here: sometimes less is a little more.

Engraving ideas for partner bracelets

An engraving can be made on Partner bracelets apply in different variants. Basically anything is possible.

Here is a brief overview of the most popular engraving options at Partner bracelets:

  • Wedding date
  • Get-to-know date
  • first name
  • Surname
  • Secret messages with secret writing
  • Dates of birth of children
  • Personal and individual dedication: pet names or I love you
  • Small symbols: angel wings, entwined rings, hearts

Partner bracelets instead of the wedding ring

Traditionally, rings are swapped when getting married. Meanwhile, however, many bridal couples want to exchange a different souvenir from each other. Therefore, some couples hand over to each other high quality partner bracelets with an engraving as a wedding present and as a sign of their connection. Due to the occasion, the jewelry should be of high quality. Stainless steel partner bracelets Silver or gold are preferred in such cases. Partner bracelets leather and in classic black these days it is becoming more and more popular as the preferred color nuance. These go perfectly with almost every fashionable outfit.
As with wedding rings, they should Partner bracelets to be engraved for the wedding. The respective name in combination with the day of the marriage is nice here.

Material of the bracelets

Partner bracelets Cheaper or more expensive primarily determines the choice of material. Depending on how much money for high quality partner bracelets would like to be spent, the decision is made on one of the possible materials.

Below is a brief overview of the materials for Partner bracelets:

  • Silver: When making jewelry, pure silver (fine silver) is often mixed with other materials, otherwise it would be too soft. Sterling silver is a mixture with copper and is very popular in the manufacture of jewelry.
  • Gold: Gold jewelry can consist of pure gold, real gold, or just a gold alloy and a gold coating.
  • Rose gold: This material is an alloy of fine gold, silver and copper. By using a little more copper, the material simmers slightly reddish. The color spectrum ranges from a silvery cool pink to a warmer apricot shade.
  • Black: Black jewelry is either colored or made of black leather. The color is currently trending. In some cases, the partner bracelet consists of black leather in combination with silver elements such as clasps or the engraved plate.

Silver or Gold - Choosing the Right Color

Our skin tone complements with a certain spot color. Therefore should Partner bracelets Take the respective skin tone into consideration in order to be really beautifully staged. The skin tone is completely independent of the skin color.

Cool skin tone

The veins appear purple or blue through the skin in this skin tone. They may also have a rosy or pink undertone. The cool skin tone is most common in people. Silver is great for cool skin tones. White or light metals in particular underline the coolness of the skin tone and make it stand out very nicely.
Partner bracelets for a cool skin tone should therefore consist of silver, white gold or platinum.

Warm skin tone

In warm skin tones, the veins are more greenish. Under certain circumstances, golden, yellow or apricot-colored undertones appear in the skin. Warm metals such as rose gold underline warm skin tones particularly beautifully. Partner bracelets made of oxidized silver can also highlight this skin tone very well.
Straps & Bracelets for warm skin tones should consist of rose gold, yellow gold, copper, brass or oxidized silver.

Neutral skin tone

The veins in the neutral skin tone show green and blue alike. The skin itself shows no signs of redness. Neutral skin tones are spoiled for choice between all the spot colors. Silver and gold can be worn equally. If you want to follow the trend, you can choose the bracelet color from a mix of different spot colors. These are especially good for neutral skin tones.

Purchase criteria for partner bracelets

Anyone interested in buying Partner bracelets decides should consider some criteria before buying. We explain the most important selection criteria below.


plain Partner bracelets or special noble partner bracelets? Depending on the occasion Bracelet should be given away, certain models are more or less suitable. If it is to be a birthday present, for example, intertwined rings as an engraving are rather out of place. At the same time, it should be considered who the Partner bracelets be valid. You give your best friend a different gift than your spouse, for example.

material selection

The choice of material for Partner bracelets depends on personal taste. Partner bracelets leather or Stainless steel partner bracelets here is the question. Anyone who does not know the personal preferences of the person receiving the gift should rather ask discreetly in advance or pay more attention to the material of the jewelry that is otherwise worn. plain Partner bracelets don't always have to be expensive Stainless steel partner bracelets being. Leather versions are also affordable and can also be made simple.


Noble partner bracelets or do you prefer something extravagant? Before buying the Partner bracelet it is important to know the personal preference of the partner's jewelry. Some put more emphasis on simplicity Partner bracelets, which can be worn every day and therefore go with every outfit. Others want theirs Partner bracelets Set the scene with loving details such as gemstones, attached angel wings or other subtleties. In most cases, cheap partner bracelets are rather simple, as every additional detail increases the price.

Correct bracelet length

When buying from Partner bracelets plays the correct length of the Bracelet a major role. Is this Bracelet it is not worn too short or too long. If you can't find the right size, you should go for an adjustable one Bracelet To fall back on. This saves having to measure the circumference in advance. With just a few simple steps you can adjust the Partner bracelets regulate the length. Under no circumstances should it be too tight, otherwise it can cut into it. Too wide Straps & Bracelets are also bad as they can easily slip off your arm and get lost.

Partner bracelets with or without engraving

The engraving of the Partner bracelets gives these an individual and personal touch. An engraving symbolizes that you have also thought about it. For example, it provides a personal message or a special reminder of a special day. Partner bracelets with an engraving are a bit more expensive because it is a custom-made product. Partner bracelets without an engraving are not only cheaper, but a little more impersonal. They are more suitable as friendship bracelets or as a reminder bracelet for the birth of the child.


Anyone who enjoys the Partner bracelets should pay attention to a good quality. Partner bracelets cheap often look high quality, but may not keep what they promise. Just who the Partner bracelets want to wear it every day, should pay attention to high-quality materials. The better the quality, the longer they last and the more expensive they are Partner bracelets. Will the Straps & Bracelets Worn only for a specific occasion, cheaper models can be an alternative.


Jewelry should not only look classy but also be processed accordingly. Anyone who spends a lot of money expects very good workmanship without material defects or possible breaks. You can often see the inferior workmanship in cheap models. Just at Partner bracelets this is a no-go because it is a very special gift. Therefore, absolutely the Partner bracelets look closely and pay attention to a possible unclean processing.

Buy cheap partner bracelets

Partner bracelets Cheap or expensive models: No matter what price range you are looking for, there are countless offers in jewelry stores of your choice or on the Internet. Everyone will find what they are looking for, it just depends on their own taste and the price limit. Partner bracelets are cheap to buy from around 20,00 euros. Partner bracelets with engraving logically cost a little more and are available in stores from around 50,00 euros. With every detail and special request such as small cultured pearls or diamonds, the price for the noble falls Partner bracelet correspondingly higher.
If you want to save additional money, you can opt for discontinued models and not necessarily the latest Jewelry collection. Outdated collections are often much cheaper.


Who visites Partner bracelets given away, gives away a very individual and personal gift. No matter if it is Partner bracelets leather or Stainless steel partner bracelets acts: Both partners wear their personal Partner bracelets through life together and thus give them a high emotional value.