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The perfect gift: an engraved necklace

Surely you know that too: Christmas is (as so often “all of a sudden”) just around the corner and you are still looking for one matching gift for a loved one. Or there's a birthday coming up and you absolutely have no idea what to give him or her.

Then you have to think about what gift you can give your boyfriend or girlfriend, sister or mother or another person who is particularly close to your heart. After all, nothing is worse than a loveless present that you can see at first glance that it was bought “at the last minute” and selected in a hurry.

You can easily and happily do without these gifts – and you may have had such an experience yourself. The motto in this context should always be: “The more individual and the more personal, the better”. One Chain with engraving is a great idea in many cases.

Because you are not only giving away a pretty and fashionable piece of jewelry, you are also making a real statement and expressing the special bond between you and the recipient. One Chain with engraving can be designed according to your wishes and ideas and will certainly not fall into the unpopular category of "any gifts that nobody needs".

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Necklace with engraving: jewelry can be this beautiful

Who a loved one - his partner or his partner, wife or best friend – wants to make someone happy on a special occasion, lies with a pretty Chain with engraving definitely right. Such a necklace can be made of gold, silver or high-quality stainless steel and will certainly bring a smile to the faces of fashion-conscious women in particular.

The special thing about this Necklaces is of course always the engraving, which can be applied to the associated pendant. And there are hardly any limits to your own imagination: This is how one can Chain with engraving For example, express great love with the words “Forever in my heart” or remember a very special event in life by naming a date.

You are also spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a necklace with an engraving: such a necklace is available in a wide variety of variants and in a wide variety of designs and finishes. It is available in 925 sterling silver as well as in (rose) gold and also with regard to the various pendants, the selection is huge. For your partner, of course, a pretty necklace with an engraving and a heart – the symbol of love par excellence – is particularly suitable. And even if the symbolic heart actually "says everything", an engraving - for example with the words "I love you" - provides that "certain something".Through what you tell your loved one or your loved ones have to say, do this Chain with engraving to a very special piece.

Necklace with engraving: perfect for women at your side

If you want to make your wife happy - for her birthday, for Christmas or even for her wedding anniversary - and to put a radiant smile on her face, then you are sure to hit the bull's eye with an engraved necklace. Why it is like that? Quite simply: Such a chain is also a pretty jewel and an expression of your mutual affection and attachment.

For example, you could opt for a necklace with a heart-shaped pendant or with a “Infinity symbol” (which stands for nothing short of the infinity of your connection). The name of your partner, a special date - such as her birthday, your wedding anniversary or the day you met - can be used as an inscription. If the pendant offers enough space for it, you can of course also have a personal (love) message engraved there.

Often you can also determine what material the chain and pendant should be made of. When choosing the perfect Necklace with engraving you should consider which type of jewelery your girlfriend or wife particularly likes and which design goes perfectly with the clothes that you like to wear – be it at work, in your free time or on festive occasions. One Chain with engraving is the ideal accompaniment to a wide variety of outfits and to (almost) every imaginable look. It can be worn in your free time or on vacation just as well as at work or - combined with a great dress or an elegant pants suit - at a celebration or an event.

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Order a chain with engraving online at Mr.Couple

It doesn't matter whether you want to give it away or keep it for yourself. chains of gold, silver or stainless steel: In the versatile and varied category "Necklace with Engraving" you will surely find what you are looking for. The reasons for this are obvious: A chain decorated with a pendant is always a real eye-catcher.

And of course that applies all the more if they are made of particularly high-quality materials - such as 925 sterling silver – is made and provided with a personal inscription. This can be engraved individually and according to your wishes on the pendant - which should ideally be made of silver or a comparable material.

And you already have the perfect person for a loved one who is particularly close to your heart! It's especially great when the Chain with engraving also perfectly matches the clothes and a absolute highlight are of course the totally hip partner chains, such as those available at

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