Jewelry has always accompanied people. In those days it was a privilege of the nobility or the merchants' guild to show off with gold and silver, today it is part of the normal fashion picture. Anyone who wants to can contact Necklaces and bracelets or Rings decorate. The gentlemen are also discovering more and more Jewelry for themselves. But especially in the hectic world, you don't often find leisure in the shops according to the trend, in things Jewelry to see. That's why you can find your very own personal selection of fine creations made of gold and silver at Couple on the Internet. However, the company based in Herten offers its customers much more than a normal one Chain on. The focus is on personalized gold and silver goods.


For her and him

The product of Couple is jewelry, would be the simplest description. At the same time, this would be a very banal view. Jewelry always means not only material value, but in each of the Precious metals You always have to put your heart and soul into the processing, only with this ingredient can a simple chain become a work of art. At MrCouple you will find the classic division between women and men, a click on the button provided and men or women are in their precious metal area.

As soon as you enter the glittering world, you will notice what beautiful selected pieces can be found here. Bracelets, rings, chains are waiting for the ladies, Clocks to be discovered by man for woman. What is striking is the graceful end shape in which the manufactured pieces illuminate the visitor via the computer. Almost every part can now be refined personally for the recipient. Couple has skillfully and very discreetly created possibilities to have a name or a date inserted as an engraving. It then becomes a loving personal gift. But even without an engraving, the pieces of jewelry show themselves as messengers of love. So you can find the sound ball, the sound heart in silver, as Pendant with chain and says more with it than with words. The processing shows how silver can be given a subtle beauty with other materials.
Men's department

There is also a compartment for men. As soon as you enter this page you know that you have landed in the Couple Men department. The pieces of jewelery appear robust and do not have these delicate notes, as it does with Couple was asked in the women's department. Everything a man can like can be found here on pendants with chains in silver. All of these silver pendants can be personalized with an engraving.
A present for myself
If you need a bracelet and this for yourself, you might ask yourself the question I actually get Couple bracelets? Well Couple bracelets are just like all the Couple jewelry on Couple's website. the Straps & Bracelets are kept simple and adapted to the fashion trend, but also timeless at the same time. Black pearls with ribbons to regulate and of course there is also the possibility of engraving. Other models are still in black with silver. In addition, there is another material in the form of leather. This Couple bracelets are suitable for making yourself happy. The personalization enables z. B. always carry your name or your favorite music group with you and do so with style. And the right one Couple necklace can also be found on this.

For couples, the partner jewelry is exquisite. from couple necklaces to partner bracelets

A couple usually wants to show their togetherness wherever it is possible. The couple also strives to carry something from the other with them whenever possible. One can do that Couple necklace with a pendant, as well as a couple partner bracelet. The important thing is couple and quite logically that the fashion pieces fit together optically. So it is the case with the partner bracelets. If the couple are male and female, it should Partner bracelet then be suitable for the respective gender and at the same time signalize that you are a couple. Couple managed to do this too. The couple bracelets for couples are either simply in the form of pearls made of the material lava stone or in the classic silver chain shape. The colors of the lava pearls can be selected in a salmon / pink or black. No matter if you / him, you / you or he / he can find the individual couple jewelery for a very personal unity. It doesn't matter if it is Couple necklaces, a partner bracelet, the main thing is partner jewelry.

They say “the lucky one doesn't have an hour” - but reality shows that if you come late for an appointment as a partner, you get in trouble. To get around this, Couple has the Couple watches. So that it is also clear and not forgotten who is expecting you, Couples, Couple find watches as a partner set. The optics are black or white, playful with hearts or simple and elegant. However, always provided with an excellent clockwork. Regardless of whether you choose simple, elegant or playful, the personalized engraving will always make it a special one-off piece.

Engraving - the supreme discipline

An engraving cannot simply be done quickly. This includes a sure instinct and an eye for detail. In addition, good mathematical knowledge is required to precisely set the engraving. In order for this to be successful, engraving is a training occupation. Even the goldsmith has to be specially trained in order to claim the addition of an engraver. So be at Couple Always skilled personnel create personal lettering or symbols. Couple jewelry with engraving is therefore always a work of art just for one customer. This opens up a number of possible uses for the interested observer. Couple jewelry with engraving is also suitable for the grandchild at birth. A heart with z. B. birth weight or height as an engraving, is a special gift for someone special. The couple jewelry area with engraving is ideal for conveying appreciation and love to a loved one. The pendant with a dedication, of course, together with one Couple necklace or the bracelet with the option of engraving can be given away to dear colleagues for the anniversary. Just as when it comes to the wedding day. Couple jewelry with engraving for the silver wedding, will remind of many years of togetherness. Whereby you get back to the partner jewelry with the couple necklaces, the partner bracelets. A partner bracelet always unites.

Gift idea partner jewelry

A craft rediscovered

With the idea of ​​placing engraving in the foreground, the Couple company is successfully based on an old, beautiful craft. The buyer's ideas are skillfully engraved on the coveted couple's piece of jewelry. But also couple jewelry without engraving, show what beauty precious metal or precious materials can embody. Everything about jewelry is fitting and yet remains individual. at Couple Tradition meets modernity. Ancient craft for the fashionable style. Couple jewelry always dignified inconspicuous and therefore always an eye-catcher. A lot of attention is paid to detail with the rings as well. A pearl processed on a delicate ring and with a touch of pink, will be an ornament to every woman's hand. Couple offers to take a look at the models in his online shop. The processing of the purchase is kept easy for the visitor. Couple also offers a variety of payment options. This also includes the offer to buy on account. The shipping is also explained to the buyer and there is a customer service who is available to advise the visit in all questions about the purchase.

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